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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poetry ~ Love Unbounded

Love Unbounded

Life’s fragrance is the sweet scent of freedom
Of Love unbounded
Infinite in its expression
Eternal in its passion
Desire unleashed
Unfettered and Divine
Remembering everything
And holding back nothing

The fire of this Love
Ignites a timelessness
Burns within an ember
Of wholeness, of completeness

The wave of this Love
Accelerates, crescendos, and falls
Melding into One
All infiniteness of possibility

The light of this Love
Shines as a beacon to all
Enrapturing those
whom are within its very presence

Those whom deny this Love,
Do so running in fear
Those whom embrace this Love
Do so in utter ecstasy and bliss

Those whom attempt to search for it
Or hold it tightly in their grasp
Are eluded by its ever changing form

Those whom simply understand it just is,
Are delighted by the discovery
Of each moment revealing

Come meld into the arms of Love
Come meld into your beloved’s arms
The fire, the wave, the light
Shall carry you, carry you through the night

~ As given through Sprit in the hands of Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea June 18, 2009 in Sedona, Arizona


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