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Friday, September 15, 2006

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?
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Dearest Friends ~

I wish to share with you in this moment a post from a dear friend of mine here on myspace's blog and the response that I gifted her. Thank you dearest Becci for your questions, for they help all of us to remember the soul of who we are....May this guide you on your spiritual journey through this life experience dearest friends:)

[14 Sep 2006 | Thursday] - 9:29 PM
Somewhat overwelming

Since my trip and all my new life experiences ... It has sparked another burst of energy driving me to seek more friends that are enlightened and on the same quest that I am seeking to travel , I must say within the last 24 hours has been the most profound today especially -- I have really been in tune with the universe and it has been grand - I have received alot of new information and though it is honored and recieved I am getting overwelmed .. and it brings up so many MORE new questions ...

If we are serving a higher being ... but we are all one (god) then WHO are we serving ? I dont understand that ???

If we will always be on a quest and this one just takes us to the next one then why do we keep on with the quest?

If we have no knowledge of who we were then what use is the quest if we never know we have reached our finish line?

and how will we know we have finished?

Oh boy .......... I dunno .........

If this is a dream and we wake up then that should be it ? But as I understand it .. we might have more to do when we wake up ... so if we think we have awoken then what will there be to do next ?

uggghhhh !
My Response....

Dearest Becci ~

So many questions you have dearest friend, much more than I can write here. However, I will try to write what I can here briefly. For more extensive, you can email me and also I invite you to read the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book as it will gift you with the answers you seek and transform you in ways you may be free from ever imagining. Spirit speaks to me and through me as we are One, within Spiritual Metaphors and Acronyms alot, so we may come to understand and remember what it is we already and always, In All Ways know.....

We are One, One GOD (Gift Of Divinty) and we are here to experience. We are here to be in service to, for, with, in, and within All; all souls within physical human form and within the infinite forms such as a tree, a chair, a flower, a dog, and so on as we are One with ALL. In being in service to all we are in service to us, or everything as everything is US ~ Universally Spiritual, A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Expression of GOD, the Gift Of Divinity that we ARE. We are ALL mirrors of each other, thus we are in service with, to, and through the infinite expressions of our souls which show up for us in life as other souls, other what we call things (chairs, computers and such), and also show up within trees, animals, flowers, that show up as everything. So we are in service within the infinite expressions of who we ARE (A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Experience of who we are as GOD the Gift Of Divinity).

We are on an infinite quest, and yes this life experience blends into the next one and the next as they are free from being in linear succession, as all lives are occurring instantaneously and simultaneously as One. It is One life within infinite expression of what we call here on this earth dimension in linear time as lifetimes. Why keep on this quest? For the FUN (Feeling Universal kNowledge) of the game we call LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience the two BEing as One). We are here to R.E.S.T., Re~member or experience the memory of, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure the GOD, the Gift Of Divinty we ARE, A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Expression of.

Our soul is here to exist and experience, and when we are through existing and experience in this life experience, we transform into another infinite form, in that of a flower, a chair, a rug, a tree, or another physical body. This is infinite because our soul's purpose is to experience and remember who we are within playing this game called LIFE here on this earth dimension. We are free from having a "finish line", we are free from having any destination to "get to" we are simply here because we choose to BE to experience and remember wo we are in this game called LIFE. It is infinite and the reason for continuing is for the love of, the FUN of, the experience of the game of LIFE through our soul's experience.

When we awaken and remember who we are in this game of LIFE, what is there to do next? BE who you are, BE the awakened consciousness that you are...and in BEing who you are, you assist all souls to R.E.S.T. (Re~member or experience the memory of, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) who they ARE (A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Expression of GOD, the Gift Of Divinity that we all are). What also is next is that we are Spiritual Soul BEings of creation, thus, we are here to create as we are infinitely creating. Thus, what it next is to infinitely continually create and experience the beauty of our creation. In this way we create all that it is we desire to experience, feel, and express as an infinite expession of the GOD we ARE. We do this, we BE this, and we ARE this to enjoy, BEing IN JOY with LIFE infinitely. It is an infinite circle:)

May this wisdom and the wisdom within the Spiritual Treasure Chest called the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book bring forth to you the gift (Gift ~ Gifting Infinitely From Tao; Tao which is the Life Source Energy we all are and emanate from) of a way of BEing that is uplifting, inspirational, and full of Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience within your spiritual journey! :)
So until the next moment within The One Infinite Moment that we meet again, soul to soul, within the infinite circle of Spiritual Oneness, dearest friends…..This is Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea sharing with you "May your life experience be filled with infinite blessings of Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, Abundance, Peace, and Bliss always, In All Ways."


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