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Thursday, September 14, 2006

CWG The Movie! The Most Amazing Experience!

CWG The Movie! The Most Amazing Experience! Please Repost!
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Please feel free to post this to share the light of the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book and of the CWG movie with all:)

Dearest Friends ~

I just wish to share with you the most amazing experience I experienced this evening. As many of you may know and I wrote about here in my blogs before, I was to meet Neale Donald Walsch on my birthday and to see the CWG movie (Conversations With God the movie) as it was previewing premiering here in San Diego.

The fact that this was all occurring on the day of my physical birth into this life experience called my birthday was a treat in and of itself. When I received the email through being a member of spiritual cinema circle since its inception (for all who are unaware of the spiritual cinema circle, I invite you to join and enjoy monthly spiritual movies that inspire you sent to your home each month, you can do so by visiting (as I have been receiving emails about the release of the movie and knew about it for over a year now) As I have written before, many may be free from knowing this, but up and until a few weeks ago through my dearest friend Tim (thank you again SO much Tim for your gift of love), I was free from ever reading CWG. I have a couple of Neale's books which I bought and were free from ever opening (one of which I bought for my oldest son for him CWG for Teens and the other What God Wants) and although I have heard him speak before on radio shows, had seen and hosted the Indigo Movie and Into Me See movies and had even known about the release of CWG the movie through Spiritual Cinema Circle for over a year now and such, and when I listened to Neale speak through various radio shows and such it was free from being his words that inspired me in as much as it was the experience of remembering who I am within those words he spoke that gifted me with so much. Honestly I would need to go back and listen to the radio interviews (I think I may have saved one on my computer here) to listen to them again to take in the essence of the words spoken to know what it was he actually said, I do know that what he said within what I experienced within what he said was like a coming home, a remembering of my soul of who I am. Still, until just a few short earth dimensional weeks ago, I had been free from ever reading his books.

Once the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book was published, something (God, Spirit) kept calling me to CWG and to Neale, although at the moment I was free from putting my finger on the why. Several moments I intended to pick up his books and read them, and yet got busy with the sharing of the light within the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book. That is until July 21st,2006, when I received Stephen's email through Spiritual Cinema that said that the CWG movie would be premiering in select cities (18 of them) before its release and to 'click here' for more information.

My original thought that I thought was, Oh I will see if they will be here in San Diego, and if so maybe we will go….Upon coming to the screen and when I saw that Neale would be here in San Diego AND it was on my birthday, I just knew in that moment that I was being called being invited by God, by Spirit to be there to experience this and to gift Neale with a gift. Little did I know in that moment how transforming this whole journey would be for me, for Neale, and for all of us and the gifts given and received to me and through me, to Neale and through Neale, to Stephen and through Stephen, to and through us all from this experience.

However, the experience of the CWG movie and the whole evening was the most amazing experience. The movie is AMAZING!! from the heart of the soul and well worth seeing. It gifts you with wisdom from the CWG books, but also gifts us with a side of Neale that so few of us know about his life experience here on this earth.

If you are able to attend a preview before the release worldwide in theaters on October 27th and 28th (for preview tickets in your area please visit I invite you and encourage you to do so. If you are unable to make a preview for any reason, GO SEE CWG when it comes out in the theaters on Oct 27th and 28th . It is SO worth it:)

As I watched the CWG movie and listened to Neale and Stephen Simon speak afterward, and in meeting them afterward, I sat crying in tears of utter joy, so infinitely grateful to Neale, to Stephen and to God, to Spirit for the spiritual confirmation of all that I have channeled of the wisdom within the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book that I received through Neale through Neale and Stephen's words as they spoke to us after the movie, from within the movie, and within conversing with them both afterwards when meeting them one on one. So much of the CWG books, the movie, and the words that both Neale and Stephen spoke afterwards about their experiences mirror that of my experiences and that of what I write, and it was as if I was watching and experience through Neale and Stephen as if I were them and they were me. I am free from being able to describe it in words really but this best can share the experience through these words.

As I wrote of before, when my mother heard I was receiving this gift for my birthday, she said "Wow that is great honey, you get to meet a famous author, a famous man" to which I said that it was free from being about meeting anyone famous, that it was about connecting spiritually soul to soul with another soul and sharing the energy and experience of life, of abSOULute love, the soulful love that we feel, experience, and express from within the heart of the soul. When Neale took my hand in utter gratitude for the words I spoke to him and then hugged me, it literally felt like I was coming home, coming home to Oneness and AbSOULute Love. This man is the kindest, gentlest, and most beautiful soul and the energy and love that emanates from him in his humbleness is astounding. I know this is so from within my soul as he is a mirror of me and I of him. Thus, what I see within Neale I know I see within the soul of my soul as well, thus is why the experience of coming home. I was coming home to my soul through Neale and he through me, and it was utterly beautiful.

Words are free from expressing what occurred in those few brief earth dimensional moments this evening. I gifted Neale with the copies of my two books as my way of thanking him for all he has gifted me and what an amazing soul he his and how much I love him. For we share in the same experiences in that both of our parents in their own ways showed us of not loving so that we may both come to know abSOULute Love, the love we were experiencing in that moment we call time as last evening. I told him that in sharing my stories with him within the Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness book, that our books mirror each other in so many ways, and that God, that Spirit, had sent me, had invited me to come tonight to give him this gift of love, free from asking anything in return but to share in the experience of the love and the light. And for this I am infinitely grateful. And in that Neale thanked me and when he thanked me, it was a gratitude from the heart of the soul that I could feel resonate through me as if God, Spirit was speaking through us both in that One moment connecting us as One.

I experienced a coming home when hugging and speaking with Stephen Simon as well. Stephen said that he was so happy to meet me and my family and hugged us all, just as Neale did. He said how happy he was to meet us and all who came who have been with Spiritual Cinema Circle. I explained to him that we have been with the Spiritual Cinema Circle since the beginning (I think we missed the first two months as we joined in its third month) and how we use these movies in our Spiritual Circles in our center within our home each week and how these movies have touched our lives in so many ways. I also shared with him of how I was lead here to be here in this moment with Neale and himself and that I knew with the inner wisdom of my soul being that we would be co~creating together in what we call as the near future for the book I have channeled through Spirit, through God is a mirror of CWG in so many ways.

It is funny that many a times my former husband had asked me to cancel the subscription to Spiritual Cinema Circle because he was residing in that fear of "we can't afford it" and he would make statements such as "well, since we are really not using the movies as much this summer due to the heat and no air conditioning thus we are not doing our monthly Spiritual Cinema Movies Nights then we can just cancel it because we are not really using it". And in truth, I have come close to canceling it several times because of this, particularly when my ATM Credit Card that pulls the money out monthly from the account had expired back in June and I was to place another one in. I could have left it go and cancelled it that way. However, I was free from doing so and I kept telling him that there was a reason even if we were free from using the movies temporarily in the way he expected us to, that I was meant to keep the membership. And on July 21st that reason became clear. Listening to my intuitive guidance fro Spirit, from God is what brought me to Neale even when the illusion of my former husband saying cancel the membership out of his perceived fear was apparent. I know he may have seen it within his perception as me being defiant perhaps, however, it was free from defiance, but rather guidance and following that intuition even when other souls think "you are crasy" that kept us within the Spiritual Cinema. Listening and going with the flow of life and the wonderous miracles within it, gifting birth to life.

The evening was miraculous, awe~inspiring, beautiful, and so full of love. I am infinitely grateful to Neale, to Stephen, to Spirit, to God, to all who brought us all together in this moment. It is a birthday experience that will remain within me infinitely. For in those moments I experienced the tearful Bliss, Joy, Awe, Wonder, Beauty, and AbSOULute Love of who I am through all of you. Thank you for a most extraordinary birthday gift of gifting birth to life and to the soul of who I am through you. In Infinite Gratitude, I Thank you and I love you all.
So until the next moment within The One Infinite Moment that we meet again, soul to soul, within the infinite circle of Spiritual Oneness, dearest friends…..This is Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea sharing with you "May your life experience be filled with infinite blessings of Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, Abundance, Peace, and Bliss always, In All Ways."


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